J Mula drops his latest single “Juug & Slide”

J Mula who started his interest in music early in high school, during a talent show where he would perform for the first time amongst all of his peers, “I couldn’t just go out sad. I just didn’t want to go out bad” he said, In his interview with co-host Dj Jso (The Mic 106.5). J Mula was 14 at the time, “When I started it out, I took it as a joke because I didn’t think people would take it too seriously” he said. However, after putting in countless hours in order to give a good performance, spending more time on developing his rap style and lyricism than studying for a test the same week.

J Mula received confirmation from his peers that his efforts had indeed paid off and was even invited to perform for “senior send off” where he featured the names of the seniors in the lyrics, proving once again to his peers his musical abilities. Regardless of recognition, J Mula’s life took another course taking the college trail and becoming a part of the college football team. However COVID-19 struck and everything closed down including sports and classes.

J Mula activated on his old passion for music in June, 2020, taking 6 months to understand how mixing and mastery worked, learning how to “get in the pockets of the beat”, and understanding the marketing and business side of the industry before releasing first track “Already Know” in December of 2020. Since then J Mula has dropped multiple singles and an EP titled “Wavy Hours”.

He accredits most of his success to time and energy into music education. “I was looking at music like I was taking a class, looking at young thug’s discography, looking at Jay Z & Kanye’s discography studying what is making the music so catchy”, he said in his interview with co-host and Dj of “The Mic 106.5” Dj Jso. J Mula is currently working on dropping a visual for latest single “Juug & Slide” and developing more phenomenal music for listeners’ pleasure.

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