Chrissy – The heart of her work is her massive octave range, bright character and bubbly delivery!

With a lifetime of experience in the music and entertainment industries, Chrissy’s hybrid, multi-genre, thematic, colorful, and effervescent brand has been capturing audiences both young and old alike for a multitude of trusted and well-rounded years, having “paid dues” throughout the world of entertainment, working with the biggest and most legendary artists, producers, and legacy performers.

With a string of hits from TV shows (VH1, MTV, Fox, Oxygen, Nickelodeon, Disney, Bravo, USA, StarWorld Asia, Telemundo, & more), film (Showtime, Lifetime, Warner Brothers, etc), radio (Clear Channel/I Heart Music), jukebox companies (Touch Tunes), and video games (Red Bana, Music Monsters, EA Sports), Chrissy has always steadfastly and stalwartly offered a little something for everyone, spanning a cornucopia of moods, vibes, and classifications of music.

The heart of her work is her massive, diverse, sundry octave range, bright character, versatile, bubbly delivery, and her emotional connection when it comes to vocals, songwriting, producing, and arranging for both herself as well as the other artists she has written and produced hits for.

Legendary writers/producers Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds, and Walter Afanasieff (creds: Mariah Carey) have stated that Chrissy has the most distinctive, unique, and versatile voice of all time at Isina, and that her version of “Marshmallow World” is “the” definitive track.

Chrissy would like to thank the fans that have stood by her side while on both indie and major labels, and have “trusted the process”, as well as her own producer and mentor, Alex Greggs (credits: Michael Jackson, Nsync, etc) – And remember, “you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.”


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