Purple Activist – “Italia” is sonically and emotionally impressive

Houston, Texas born and raised, Purple Activist, is heavily influenced by Travis Scott, Kid Cudi and Don Toliver. His latest single “Italia”, is a vocal heavy track, where the artist takes a sultry and serene approach, allowing his infectious tones and attention-grabbing melodies to charm and mesmerize listeners. Purple Activist presents consistency in his style, and a new beat that gives you that late midnight drive feel. What makes the Houston artist so enjoyable is his distinct voice, he has a succinct lilt in his voice when harmonizing that sounds nothing like anyone in the game.

“Italia” sounds extremely poignant and cinematic, it feels like an out of body experience. The production is dark, haunting, and impactful. In the same way, as his influences and peers, the sound that Purple Activist develops is synonymous with the city of Houston.

His catalog makes a broad, diverse statement – punchy throughout, smooth and soulful when it needs to be – “Italia” refines his art down to a level of finesse. It remains enthralling, while its intoxicating production is offset by harmonized vocals, as Purple Activist’s performance lifts the song to another level.

On “Italia”, Purple Activist emphasizes his bond with this art form. He hints at vulnerability in the shimmering fragility of the clean guitars, in a sentimental song that refuses to divulge its secrets immediately.

“Italia” is packed with immaculate and subtle sonic detail while also relishing a certain emotional frankness, while Purple Activist’s use of both high pitches and harmonies press the song’s meaning into his audiences’ minds. His vocals are perfectly paired with the futuristic sounds that underline his voice.

A quick run through his catalog evidences the fact that Purple Activist continues to rack up achievements and prove his potential, which is clearly visible throughout “Italia”. The song is definitely an overall triumph, crafted by the musical genius Purple Activist.

His sincere emotion and feelings will resonate with audiences of all preferences. “Italia” sounds so damn good because the Houston artist is an emotion-filled human being, with a lush and radiant sonic aura. He delivers a dominant performance that display his strengths as an artist.

Purple Activist has a distinctly resonating voice, with remains smooth and sophisticated in its approach. It could make an extremely simple lyric, sound heartfelt and genuine. Moreover, songs like “Italia”, are Purple Activist’s sweet spot – soulful and downbeat.

He gives his music the feel of tingling senses and heightened perception, as you catch the drift of every single element in the atmosphere, while being transported to another dimension. Notwithstanding his affinity with his influences, Purple Activist occupies a very interesting space in music.

Purple Activist is able to create hypnotic moments with a particular flow, how his voice echoes on a chorus, or just the general vibe he creates when his presence and charisma occupies a song. Once he finds a way to grab you, it is difficult not to ride the wave with him, for the remainder of the track.

Italia” is one of those songs that grabs you and holds onto you for the entire time it is playing, then once it ends you are left wanting to press rewind. Purple Activist has a very bright future in the industry and it’s his evolution as an artist that makes this track sonically and emotionally impressive.


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