Rich Chambers’ “I Wonder” – a Rock n’ Roll tune that is both memorable and highly infectious

It is amazing how often three musical chords can be manipulated and presented in such a way that we are left with something new and exciting. Rich Chambers’ “I Wonder” is a testament to this. Using three basic chords as his foundation, Chambers has built a simple yet effective melody, a sing-alongable gang chorus, some crafty guitar hooks, and a well-placed harmonica to create a Rock n’ Roll tune that is both memorable and highly infectious.

It’s a Rock N’ Roll track that would not be out of place in Country, Easy Listening, Top 40, or multiple other formats. Why? Because it is quite simply a good song! Rich Chambers has been on a roll recently. Along with his latest release, “I Wonder,” Chambers has been receiving numerous film festival awards for his hard-hitting socially conscious 2021 video of his original rocker “I’m So Tired,” and this is merely the beginning.

With more single and album releases planned for 2022, Chambers is making his Rock N’ Roll mark as an artist to watch for. As one music journalist recently said in the FLEX music blog about Chambers, who hails from Vancouver, Canada: “One of Canada’s best-kept secrets, Rich Chambers could easily become a household name in a matter of months!”


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