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Wiesinger is a fantastic artist with great vocals and can also write songs both heartfelt and witty – he knows how to put himself out there! And as if that weren’t enough proof already…he’s also an excellent father who spends just as much time with family members when it comes down from stage time (or work) as he does at home.

This guy has always been amongst the favorite musicians; not only because he is talented but also humble which makes them an all-around extraordinary human being. And just like him, his songs are amazing!

Something About the Song

This song is a beautiful curation of cleverly chosen words and fabulous beats that will make you forget all about your bad times. For this tune, Wiesinger teamed up with his super talented friend Bethany, and they were inspired by their mutual friend Caris & how she moved through tough times waiting for reunification with her husband.

This isn’t just a story about Caris. There are 100 other people like her, all struggling to meet their loved ones and fight back tears every day because either: they’re in a long distance relationship, they’re working away from home or their partner isn’t allowed in their country.

A True Inspiration

Wiesinger witnessed how hard it can be on your mental health when you’re held back from seeing your partner for years and he realized how important it is that friends help those struggling in their hardest time. But…’All My Friends’ explores how even when all those friends are around you, sometimes its still not enough, you need the touch of the one you love the most!

So, listen up, people of the world! This song is here to inspire you all. All My Friends talks about loved ones who have been away for so long, and until now you may have never felt as close to your loved one as this song will make you feel. Thanks largely to this awesome tune created by an artist who understands what’s going through each person’s mind during such tough times – which makes his/her own story more meaningful than ever before because there were moments where he felt completely lost himself but achieved success anyway.

This song is an inspiring story, all related to a common man’s struggles, and encourages them to fight back, have patience and live on. The lyrics are catchy, and well-written for those times you need some encouragement in your life!

Wiesinger has always sought to inspire people through his music and so his new melodious curation is another inspirational story that promises to motivate you and help you pull through the darkness.

Sometimes all one needs are a few wise words to get them through the tough time, tell them that it is eventually going to get better and so, All My Friends is surely going to do that for you! It is all set to hit new breakthrough numbers for Wiesinger, so buckle up for another amazing song from the super talented Wiesinger who has put all his heart and soul into this one!

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‘All My Friends’ By Wiesinger Out Now:

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