Black Malachite: “Nightfall”- resonating guitars, rich pianos and dark ambience

The decision by any musical project to go without a vocalist will lead to either disaster or a determination to avoid redundancy. Add to that the fact that [Read More…]

Anomalous Leaf: “Ellipsis” – a quietly masterful and emotionally rich work

Irfan Azam, alias Anomalous Leaf, is the kind of artist that you think about in terms of scale. There is the sheer size of his [Read More…]

Dan Weintraub: “Songs for Beautiful Souls” – the songwriting and narratives are superb

For Dan Weintraub, music isn’t work – its therapy. And it’s been that way since he started recording and performing in the mid-80s. Raised on [Read More…]

alexthomasdavis: “The Best Of Too” – an album that strikes right at the core of the human condition

Wakefied-born artist alexthomasdavis is a prolific singer-songwriter, to say the least. The once-upon-a-time footballer, capable of scoring 15 goals in 3 games, exceeds in everything [Read More…]

Pia Dean: “Gone” Featuring Scarlet Cox – another towering compositional achievement

At first listen, you’ll love “Gone”. Focus on the lyrics and you’ll be entering Pia’s world, where her most intimate thoughts and emotions are revealed. [Read More…]