Blue Soul Ten – “This Is Worth It” – brilliant auras of sound and feeling swirl together

As Blue Soul Ten, Claye Greene creates lush and flowing jazz compositions juxtaposed against soulful textures, ambient atmospheres, and throbbing hip-hops beats. In the game [Read More…]

Jacob Seeger: “Something Real” – its danceable groovy shuffle is pure R&B/Pop at its very best

Jacob Seeger is an upcoming singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist. His music displays a fresh new blend of Pop, R&B, and Singer-songwriter flavors. Seeger enrolled in [Read More…]

Art Tawanghar: “Buddha Lounge” – a fusion of sounds from all around the world

In his career Art Tawanghar has accumulated many accolades and awards while touring around the world and performing in front of thousands of people. An [Read More…]