Aneessa – “Gonna Be Alright – Better Days Mix” – an independent artist who clearly aspires for greatness!

How do you take an already captivating, brilliantly produced and perfectly executed song, and make it even better? Simply ask the husband and wife team [Read More…]

My Music Block TV Awards winner Eye’z – Every song in her catalog is a winner!

From “Dedicated” (2009) to “Still a Rainbow” (2018), “Stop” (2019), “Damaged” (2019), and “Lovely” (2020), to “It’s The One” (2020), “Diamond Tears” (2020) and “Get For It” (2021), the award-winning singer, pianist and actress from the San Francisco [Read More…]

King Magjic Releases “Love & Pleasure” – A single to get listeners sensual and uplifted!

King Magjic Delivers Infectious, Anthemic, & Sensual Neo-Soul/Rap Single ‘Love & Pleasure’ About The Release King Magjic drops his captivating single “Love & Pleasure.” The [Read More…]

J. Sariah: “The Journey” – from bouncy glee to soulful longing

Singer-songwriter J. Sariah has dropped her full-length debut album, “The Journey”, with tracks produced by 3Bubble & J. Gray of Live From The Pentagon Entertainment [Read More…]

Genesis7: “SOULiloquy” – The breadth and depth of his musical textures provides a canvas

Reggie Haith the founder and owner of Genesis7 Productions, LLC – a company devoted to curating original beats and music in the HipHop, Neo-Soul, RnB, and Contemporary Gospel [Read More…]

Terri B! – “I’m Coming Back” a combination of classic vocal sounds and modern electronic presentation

I’ve been playing, producing, promoting and reviewing music longer than I care to remember. I know what it takes to make music and I know [Read More…]