Steve Lieberman the Gangsta Rabbi – “The Noise Militia” – unorthodox, complex and mind-warping hardcore

Steve Lieberman the Gangsta Rabbi is an odd entity. To the rest us that is. His debut effort featured a number of moments when the [Read More…]

Steve Lieberman: “2nd King of Jewish Punk #31/69: The Last of the Great punk Rock Bass-Heroes”

The music market desperately wants artists placed in a box. Steve Lieberman (better known as The Gangsta Rabbi) doesn’t even want to be in the market, never [Read More…]

Steve Lieberman: “The Gangsta Rabbi’s Quadrophenia” – captures bewildered rage and frustration

I’m a Steve Lieberman ‘The Gangsta Rabbi’ fan. Consider the fact that this is only the second release of Steve’s that I have heard, having [Read More…]

Steve Lieberman: “Terminator V617F” – is the epitome of musical individualism

Written and produced by Steve Lieberman with the exception of three cover tunes by The Who, Chicago, and the Jim Carroll Band, “Terminator V617F” is [Read More…]