“Rising Tide” – Doc Jazz’s heart beats fiercely

Dr. Tariq Shadid, who goes by the name of Doc Jazz is a Palestinian surgeon who was born in the Netherlands.  He is also an entirely self-taught multi-instrumentalist and performing artist who, next to his ongoing career as a surgeon, has been engaging in pro-Palestinian activism(as well as other social or political injustices around the world), through his music, his writings, his organizing skills at demonstrations and inspiring speeches, and his unstoppable energy.

Doc Jazz
Doc Jazz

Before moving from the Netherlands to the Middle East, Doc Jazz was also known there for his advocacy for the Palestinian cause as spokesman of the board of the Palestinian Community in the Netherlands (PGN), and through public appearances, articles and interviews on radio, television and in newspapers.

During May 2014 we reviewed Doc Jazz’s acclaimed album the “Front Door Key” which was produced by African American singer/producer Forrest Thomas and recorded and released in the Netherlands. An extract of our opinion on the album read; “Lyrically it’s an incredibly honest album, achingly so at times. Musically it is well-crafted and filled with juicy, tangy and spicy melodies, rhymes and rhythms, allowing the listener to be gifted with the ken of Doc Jazz’s unique, insightful ministrations to passion and pain. ”

On January the 2nd this year, Doc Jazz’s released his latest single, “Rising Tide”. Like him or not, you have to give Doc Jazz the credit he deserves. Like any true artist that wants to actually advance, create-and change, Doc Jazz’s music takes on even more colors and influences on this release. Matter of fact if I didn’t know better I would swear that the funky player, poppin’ the bass in the video, was from one of those super funk bands from the eighties. Instead it’s good old Doc Jazz laying down the funky lines!

I usually love Doc Jazz’s phrasing and rhythms and “Rising Tide” is one of his best. You can feel his passion, his motivation and desire in his music. However Doc’s music is never just about the notes, beats or melodies. There is always something more to scrutinize and understand. There is always a positive, uplifting and self-empowerment message in his songs, and “Rising Tide” is no exception.

There’s nowhere to hide, can’t break our stride, we’re coming like a rising tide….” is just a snippet from the single’s chorus, and enough to make you realize that Doc Jazz’s heart beats fiercely with the understanding and conviction that no-one should suffer any form of oppression or injustice, passively. And that the sooner that conviction is more widely acknowledged, the sooner the unjustly domination of one man over another will cease to exist.

doc-jazz-rising-400bDoc Jazz is a gifted musician, who also wrote and produced “Rising Tide”, while being ably assisted by Maxi on backing vocals. Moreover Doc Jazz has a legacy of putting out quality songs of substance and integrity; having creative control, he makes the music that he wants to make, and for that reason alone you should check it out.


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