King Camil: “Unveiled” does not miss a beat!

Born in Kankakee, Illinois, King Camil has recorded a myriad of underground tapes and CDs since 1998 and has independently arranged for mass distribution through a multitude of channels. The California resident has totaled major views on Youtube as well as many multiples of downloads on Datpiff. Now King Camil has dropped his latest track – including a supporting video – entitled “Unveiled”.

king-camil-unveiled-350And as usual King Camil does not miss a beat. He is on point with his great word play and flow, delivering pure fire over a banging beat, which is heavily tinged with a Middle Eastern flavor. King Camil is one of the dopest emcees. Almost all of his albums and his lyrics never disappoint. If you listen closely, he even changes his rhyme schemes to match the music. And I’m not just talking about voice inflections or using more words to rap fast to a slow beat. As an example, check out his flow on “Unveiled”, and how it changes during the song.

King Camil has continued to grow as an artist with every item, even since 2013’s “Came A Long Way” or #Midwestcoast The #Midtape, there has been a major improvement in his technique. All round “Unveiled” is a great record. I enjoyed listening from start to finish ( as well as watching the video).

Often we’re way to judgmental when breaking songs down. We’re critical about beats, about the lyrics or the depth of its meaning. We just dissect hip-hop meaninglessly, when all we really have to ask ourselves after listening to a track is “Did I enjoy that song?” And the answer here is affirmative. That’s the true bottom line for any song.

King Camil is as refined and confident as anyone who’s been in the game for years. He can get raunchy, he can ride over any beat, and he can be hilarious if he wants. He pretty much brings varying doses of these ingredients into “Unveiled”.


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