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Friends at the Falls has released their brand new single, entitled “A Heart To Save”. The single is a fantastic grower that reveals judicious sonic layering, a strong melody, an interesting and less typical beat, and overall ambitious song execution. Simultaneously haunting and jubilant the Friends at the Falls have hit this new release on the head.

Friends at the Falls
Friends at the Falls

The lyrics carve into space and time as the listener is assailed with sound, drawn and dragged into the scene. The musicianship is crisp and without distraction, and there is nothing superfluous, nothing wanting.

Many times songs seem to be either music looking for the right lyric or a rhyme set to a tune; “A Heart To Save” is a story that leaps into your head, the lyrics in perfect balance with the music.

It’s great to hear the progression of any band – Friends at the Falls definitely tried to explore a fuller, more mature sound on this single, and they succeeded.

Birthed in Mahopac, New York, Friends at the Falls is composed of Jake Stam on vocals and guitar, Matt Montgomery on drums, Don Senese on the keys, Daen Walsh on bass, and Kevin DuBois on lead guitar.

Friends at the Falls
Friends at the Falls

Together, these five individuals makeup more than just a band, they are five creative minds and five talented souls that come together to make one cohesive sound. A sound that is unique due to all of the memories these contemporaries share.

Off stage, the boys of Friends at the Falls are infamous for jumping off cliffs, sleeping on rooftops, and narfing down slices of ZA.

Couple their uniform love for adventure with a mutual appreciation for artists such as The Killers, Coldplay, and Bruce Springsteen— you’ll get a beautiful thriller, one that has you sprinting up Oceanside bluffs one day to playing a show at Webster Hall the next.


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