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Underground artist Miztuh Chazs started rapping in 1993 at just 11 years old. Drawing upon his Alabama roots and influences from several musical genres, Chazs began using his music to escape from troublesome surroundings. More than 20 years later, his career has taken him from coast to coast, and along the way, he’s worked with such well-known artists as Nelson El and Chauncey Clyde as well as performed with Too $hort and Bone Crusher. In 2018 Miztuh Chazs linked up Relly Darza, and together the two put together the ambitious 15 track album “Inception Affiliate”. This is music for the times we’re living in. Chazs and Darza have tapped into the zeitgeist, the spirit of the times, with a combination of modern beats, straight street talk, focused lyrics, and awesome production.

The rappers come together to make an album that is sonically exciting and lyrically relevant. With an urgent new school flavor that however steers away from the EDM influenced landscapes of many current artists for a sound that focuses on hard-hitting beats, storytelling and flow.

These boys prove all you need to make a great rap album is a good beat and the truth. Their chemistry together is undeniably flawless. In places the record is a blitzkrieg of one-upmanship, flurries of bars and punches being thrown with energetic glee.

Miztuh Chazs and Relly Darza become full-fledged juggernauts on this record, never compromising, never obstructed. The beats are just as abrasive. Familiar elements abound—droning synths, cosmic bass, corrosive keys, glitchy sequencing—but the sum totally explosive.

This kind of seismic futurism has been missing from the rap game for some time. The duo is doing anything they want and could care less what anyone thinks. Here on “Inception Affiliate” they flex the power of independence. No artist signed to a major could pull off an album like this.

The executives would’ve called for changes, but luckily Miztuh Chazs and Relly Darza don’t exist in that world. They are free, they are independent, and they are badass. So they rollout their masterwork with the dark an ominous “The Entourage” which bangs from wall to wall, with changing tempos and breakneck bars.

“Alias” keeps the momentum going before Chazs and Darza move into the standout “Meagan Good” which overflows with vivid lyrical imagery and explicit thoughts. The heat is further turned on with “Them Haters”, where the raps are out of this world, and technically impressive.

If you’re looking for the some respite, you won’t find it in the booming, “Rock That Brody”, where the level of lyrical adrenalin has now reached intoxicating heights. Which ironically brings us right into the thudding bass drum of “Pure Cocaine”. There’s an aggression to the build-up, an intimidating abrasiveness.

The melodic echoes of “Take a Ride” brings some comforting, soulful relief. Equal parts red-hot fire and cold hard reality, by this time the album is running on its own momentum as it passes through the catchy and anthemic, “We Coolin”, “Do It Some More” and “Optimus Primed”.

The album takes another melodic turn with the sing-song groove of “Rolled Up” which is an impressive piece of original songwriting. On “I Love Juice” Miztuh Chazs and Relly Darza get back to their rhyming grind. More melody, more groove, and more pussy rhymes can be found on “Slurpie”, before Chazs and Darza ride out in triumph on “Manson” with another flurry of breathless bars.

On the whole, “Inception Affiliate” is a ridiculously consistent assault of a record, with both deftness and bombast, and with enough surgical precision to land a knockout punch, track after track.


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