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In a musical world compulsively herded by corporate businesses determined to drive record sales through mass-accessibility, truly honest records at the end of a musical trend are understandably difficult to come by. Baltimore artist T.W.M – formerly known as Tom Moore – in a collaborative effort with producer J. Medina, break the mold of imitation by releasing an untainted, and poetic musical blend, with the ambient downtempo single “Medicine Man”.

Somehow, diversity suits this record really well. In a melting pot, ingredients from the Pop, Cinematic, Hip-hop, Indie-Folk, and the Electronic spectrum mix themselves amongst clean guitar layers, atmospheric vocals, and trap inspired rhythms. The song subtly soars through string and guitar arrangements that recall melodic aspects of classical music, while the rhythm of the drums scream for its urban heart to march forth.

The gorgeous production, engineering, and compositional work translate beautifully in just about any pair of speakers and reveal its layers of beauty with each listen. The artistic chemistry created by producer and singer-songwriter, is a rarity in any form of the music industry. The granting of creative space from all parties involved, is a gift that should be observed with the utmost graciousness and respect.

The language which encompasses the lyrics, speak so gently, but distinctly of its subject matter that the humane appeal and emotional quotient of “Medicine Man”, is nothing short of magnificent. The all-embracing vocals transmit a large part of that magnificence. Just lean back, and take the melody of T.W.M’s voice into your head. It strikes an irresistible balance between accessible light, airy song-craft, and darker, deeper soundscapes.

“Medicine Man” – without being bombastic or overwhelming in any way – pushes artistic boundaries and easily combines seemingly disparate musical styles into a hypnotic concoction of downtempo artistry. The song is a pitch-perfect soundtrack for lazy afternoon pondering, late night nostalgia, and futuristic chillout lounges. In a world of monotonous, hook-laden pop songs, it’s a breath of fresh.

J. Medina’s production work is incredibly neoteric, pulling sounds out of the song that you’d never expect. It’s the perfect match for T.W.M’s voice. Continued listens only ingratiate the collaboration further, revealing that you are in the midst of vibrant and audacious talent. Like the essence of ambient downtempo itself, they understand the grace of holding back, requiring you to press repeat, to uncover the song’s layers.

“Medicine Man” creates a strong atmosphere with warm soul-phonic and ease-inducing vibes. It will captivate your senses as it flutters back and forth, and is effectively used to accent T.W.M’s intricate songwriting. “Medicine Man” is a track that grows incredibly well with each subsequent listen. You’ll discover new reasons to love the song as you become more keenly aware of each carefully placed detail throughout the arrangement.

One of the most difficult things to do in contemporary music, is to hold a listener’s attention throughout a recording. T.W.M takes on that challenge with aplomb in “Medicine Man”.


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