From Guitars to Synths: Stefan Certic’s ‘Human’ Unveils a Sonic Evolution

In music universe, there still exist virtuosos who effortlessly weave together melodies that dance upon the airwaves and captivate our souls. One such enigma is the elusive composer and producer, Stefan Certic. His sonic prowess and captivating artistry strives to penetrate the auditory landscape. In Stefan Certic’s world, guitars collide with synthesizers, and emotions surge like an electric current. In 2017, Stefan Certic graced us with his opus, “FusionWorks.” Released under the esteemed AlterVibes Media, this sonic tapestry elicited rapturous applause from discerning critics in the alternative music sphere. Certic has always had the innate ability to transcend genres, fearlessly exploring the realms of progressive and power metal, as well as delving into the evocative depths of synth and dark-wave. Similarly, Stefan Certic understands the concept of collaboration. The intrepid guitarist joined forces with the illustrious Heavy Metal group Hexagram, gracing the stage as their formidable axeman at the renowned European Festival – Exit, Novi Sad.

Yet, Certic’s artistry extends beyond the realms of performance. As a hobbyist producer, he has lent his creative vision to multiple artists, shaping their musical narratives into auditory masterpieces. His discerning ear and meticulous attention to detail make him a purveyor of sonic excellence. In 2018, Certic also solidified his commitment to music by acquiring AlterVibes Media, a prestigious London-based label that serves as a sanctuary for avant-garde visionaries.

Amidst this kaleidoscope of musical exploration, Stefan Certic’s latest single emerges as a beacon of profound resonance. “Human,” a collaboration with the gifted lyricist and singer Steve Sims, once more pushes the boundaries of Certic’s artistic expression. This composition merges traditional live instruments with seductive elements of synth, culminating in a mesmerizing union of soundscapes. Drawing inspiration from the legendary Depeche Mode, Certic crafts a multi-layered synthpop and dark-wave track that shrouds the listener in a cloak of enigmatic allure.

As “Human” unfurls its dark tapestry, Stefan Certic’s instrumental finesse takes center stage. With precision akin to a surgeon’s blade, his guitar work intertwines seamlessly with the pristine production, forming a symphony of sonic ecstasy. Each note carries an emotional weight, resonating within the depths of our souls. And then, like an electric storm brewing on the horizon, Steve Sims’ voice emerges, reverberating with clarity and nuanced emotion. His haunting vocals infuse the composition with a raw intensity, elevating it to new heights.

The result is a sonic marvel – a composition that transcends mere soundwaves, venturing into the realm of the ineffable. Stefan Certic’s “Human” is an immersive journey, drawing us into its labyrinthine corridors and awakening dormant emotions. This haunting anthem builds steadily, like a tempest on the horizon, until it erupts into a crescendo of guitars and keyboards, propelled by a relentless beat and pulsating basslines. Within the poetic tapestry of “Human,” Certic and Sims delve into the depths of human nature, questioning our place in the world and the struggles we face.

The lyrics paint a poignant picture of vulnerability, echoing the universal yearning for acceptance and compassion. As we stand amidst the haze of uncertainty, we wonder about the path that lies ahead, with vultures circling ominously, ready to tear us apart. The plea to save one’s soul echoes through the verses, reaching out to the deepest recesses of our being. It’s a cry for understanding, for a world that recognizes the humanity in all of us.

With this composition and meticulous production, Stefan Certic invites us to embrace our own humanity, to revel in the ebb and flow of emotions that course through our veins. “Human” serves as a poignant reminder that in a world plagued by chaos and uncertainty, it is our shared experiences, our flaws, and our unwavering resilience that make us truly extraordinary.

“Human” is the soundtrack to your own introspection, the catalyst for profound introspection. For in the vast tapestry of existence, sometimes it is through the power of music that we discover what it truly means to be human.


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