CellarHouse – “All We Need” – Rasping modulating bass synths conflict with distorted melodic tones and minimalistic beats

‘Avatar-band’ CellarHouse have resurfaced from their particular brand of virtual reality to showcase their forth single from their soon to be released album, Hard Times. [Read More…]

Alien Skin – “Cold War Pop” – it’s hard to not get completely encapsulated by this album

At once menacing and comforting, the sonically dark and adventurous “Cold War Pop” album represents some of Alien Skin’s finest moments on record. “Timeline wise [Read More…]

DAV!D&CLARA: “Repair” – pushing him forward into new and exciting territories

The man and machine duo of DAV!D (David Castillo) and his computer CLARA, better known as DAV!D&CLARA, are back with a new single in 2019, [Read More…]

The Glacier Effect: “False Memories” – symmetric musical structures

The Glacier Effect is Jason McCann, a self-taught multi-instrumentalist and graduate of the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences who is currently based in Sacramento, [Read More…]

Vessel Decimal: “CONVERSION: Level Two” packed with all the things you’d expect

Those of us who are fans of the Cleveland founded band, Vessel Decimal, might occasionally wonder why they aren’t more popular. Well, the answer is [Read More…]

Transatlantic Darkwave Group Johnathan Christian release cover of “Hurt” with very special guest vocalist

While Johnathan|Christian were working on their latest album, a former middle schoolmate of Johnathan Mooneys, Henry Vaccaro Jr., proposed a collaboration with a family member [Read More…]