Yahru El Guru – Pure, weightless and elegant

Yahru El Guru Dj (YEGDJ) born in Walnut Creek, California is a House, Tribal House, Reggae, and Dub-Stepping Dj who has shared stages and Dj [Read More…]

illrecur: “Ellipticon” a journey of sonically uncharted territory

illrecur [‘il-ri-‘kər] is an American music project and pseudonym, founded in 1997 and adopted by Jeremy Allen Pursell. As its main producer, singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist, [Read More…]

Keith Richie: “Ambient Highways” – combines ambient music with cinematic soundscapes

Sometimes, just sometimes, you could do with a little less talent. If you are too good, too soon in your career, you might never improve [Read More…]

Bass Extractor: “Heartbeat” is a beautiful album that surprises you

Bass Extractor is the project of Norwegian artist, Fredrik Espedal who plays guitar and piano, although he mainly uses FL Studio 12 to compose his [Read More…]

Amorph: “Dreiundzwanzig” – is the epitome of the post-rock sound done right

Founded in 2005, Amorph, the five -piece Swiss band are trying to break conventional musical structures, leaning towards amorphous tendencies. They are predominantly a post-rock [Read More…]