Gary Lloyd Noland – “Gospel of Dysfunction” – avant-garde sensibility intertwines with experimental fervor

Prepare to embark on a thrilling voyage into the realm of sonic eccentricity with Gary Lloyd Noland, a true avant-garde visionary who fearlessly shatters musical [Read More…]

Aluron – “Devotion / Fever Dreams” flirts with song structures, complex rhythms and richly layered vocal harmonies

Aluron’s meticulously constructed album “Devotion / Fever Dreams” runs the gamut from dense bursts of intricate glitch to expansive ambient, from cinematic soundscapes to retro-synthwave, [Read More…]

Greg E [nonsegmental] – “2020 Dreams” – an astounding EP project!

There are many kinds of electronic music, including techno, trance and house. But there has always been a different form, not intended exclusively for dance, [Read More…]

Omnipotent Resolution taken from the new Uniqueness album “As You Listen Ephphatha”

Recently we had the world premiere of the conceptual short film/music video for the song Omnipotent Resolution from the new Uniqueness album called, “As You [Read More…]

Matthew J Van Howe – “Emergent Narrative” – a soundtrack to a mindset and a mood

You could call this ambient, experimental, drone, avant-garde, cinematic or simply electronic music, the fact is “Emergent Narrative”, is so impactful it’s like it’s its [Read More…]