Franco Esteve – “A Moment of Madness” – a harmonic motion, which builds up a quiet intensity

Born in the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico, with a globetrotting background, Franco Esteve is a multi-disciplinary artist – a Composer, Filmmaker, Writer, Photographer, and [Read More…]

Franco Esteve – “Apocalypse: The Doll Chronicles (Original Soundtrack)” grip your attention in a universe swirling with darker forces

When considering a multi-disciplinary artist like Franco Esteve, the force of his influences can often escape newer listeners. On each release he digs into his musical [Read More…]

INTERVIEW: Franco Esteve speaks about his music and the Pandemic

Franco Esteve was born in the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico, and had a multicultural upbringing throughout the United States and Europe. This multicultural upbringing [Read More…]

Franco Esteve – “Contagion” – an astonishing, subtle, hypnotic beauty that remains revelatory after countless listens

The EP “Contagion” by the Puerto Rican born and Spanish based composer, Franco Esteve, is described as a soundtrack to everything experienced throughout the Covid-19 [Read More…]

Franco Esteve: “The Hunt” – combines a dreamlike quality with more dramatic, and dynamic styles

Three years in the making, the loosely tied together, classical crossover, concept album, “The Hunt”, represents a masterwork for Puerto Rican multi-disciplinary artist, Franco Esteve. [Read More…]