Presley Duyck – “Juliet” – powerful lyrical imagery and an arrangement style that perfectly befits her vocals

Presley Duyck, the 20-year-old singer-songwriter from Dallas, TX, started singing even before she could talk, and attempted to start a band called The Everyday Heartbreakers [Read More…]

Presley Duyck – “Happy 22!” finds a way to weave together emotions and sounds

To 20-year-old singer/songwriter, Presley Duyck from Dallas, TX, a single is a body of work that expresses an experience or topical moment in her life, [Read More…]

Presley Duyck – “Passenger Seat” sketches an impassioned woman of many complexities

Once you press play on “Passenger Seat”, Presley Duyck’s sound is special from the start—a lyrically driven, rhythmically compelling blend of folk, pop and indie-rock, [Read More…]