Mr. Rap Guru: “HALLAFAME” – just doesn’t sound like everything else out there

Mr. Rap Guru is a Canton, Ohio based rapper/recording artist. Growing up in the streets of Canton (home of the NFL hall of fame) was never easy between the drugs and violence that crowds this small city, and being the oldest of 6. The Rap Guru did what he was supposed to do…. survive and try to make the future better for himself and his family.

Mr. Rap Guru’s curriculum confirms that he is an undefeated battle-rapper. So you already know, before even listening to one single track off his “HALLAFAME” mixtape, that you’re in for a hard ride! Mr. Rap Guru as far as I’m concerned is progressing as an artist, expanding his horizons as a lyricist and still keeping his fire-breathing lyrics 100% pure, as if he was battle rapping in every track.

MrRapGuru-300In the watered-down present day rap environment, here we have an artist with something to say and a fresh spin on how to say it. Why he isn’t well-known outside the Midwest is beyond me. His beats range from furiously fast to quirky modern and soulful old-school, which is a perfect mirror to his rapid-fire rapping style and lyrics.

Mr. Rap Guru’s big selling point is not just his lyrics, but his incredible flow.  His mood is dark and angry, and his lyrics, speed, and flow are unmistakable and unparalleled. It’s not fair that someone with this much talent isn’t making the kind of money that mainstream rappers are. I guess Mr. Rap Guru is too real and his lyrics are too raw for the average listener.

Overall, Mr. Rap Guru brings his energy from the streets to the booth to keep you moving to the beats with his unique talent as a rapper. “HALLAFAME” is another head-banger for the hip-hop world. On it, Mr. Rap Guru proves that he is a lyrical mastermind and has his own unique style of rapping. If you search for a fresh, powerful, original mixtape, made by a rapper who is not afraid of being different, you definitely cannot miss the tracks on “HALLAFAME”.

Mr. Rap Guru
Mr. Rap Guru

From “Ease My Mind” sampled from a Luther Vandross classic, to the epic “Im Drugs”, the angry “Watch Yo Mouth”, the quirky “Walk Nasty” and “Walk Nasty”, the braggadocio anthems “I Put My Hand Down” and “Rap Guru”, plus the head nodding banger “I Am He”, Mr. Rap Guru never lets up for one moment, always keeping the lyrical heat turned up to the top. The record industry obviously doesn’t know what the public likes because Mr. Rap Guru will soon be blowing it up. They should all be rushing to sign this guy.

“HALLAFAME” is one of the most original and innovative hip hop mixtapes released in a minute, from the off the hook creative beats to Mr. Rap Guru’s insane breakneck speed rapping. It is clear that Mr. Rap Guru has mastered the craft of song-making while his content ranges from real life struggles to humorous situations right through to the bizarre. His gravel-stained deliveries will be in your head all day!

This mixtape is just awesome. The music is tight, the beats are hard, and “HALLAFAME” just doesn’t sound like everything else out there. Not only does Mr. Rap Guru have impressive skills on the mic, but he’s definitely not afraid to be different or to let everything out in his lyrics. Give this mixtape a shot for a good taste of something bold and original!


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