Guitarist Ron Wright Releases Smooth Jazz Guitar Instrumental “Happy Land”

Pebble Beach, California based guitarist, Ron Wright’s musical day job is holding down the electric guitar chair in his indie rock band Chile Colorado. Those who love their Smooth Jazz with a crackling edge will be grateful he’s expanded his repertoire with sizzling debut instrumental single, “Happy Land”.

Wright surrounds his fiery led melody with other blazing guitar textures for an empowering and smoothly, electrifying experience. “Happy Land” is something that every rock jazz fusion guitar lover will want to check into.

This week we were lucky enough to get a preview of his new instrumental song “Happy Land”. We were instantly impressed by his rich mellow sounds, produced by both guitar and drums.

The impressive lead style had glimpses of Van Halen-esque sounding solos, yet having Ron’s own style shining through at the same time. This would make sense as Rons influences are often described as: Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix and Eddie Van Halen.

The new song “Happy Land” would surely appeal to any rock fan, but also lend a hand to anyone keen on Jazz. In addition, it also gives an element of “easy listening”, meaning any music fan could potentially enjoy the tune regardless of their preference or taste.

Ron Wright is the guitarist from Chile Colorado. They are Monterey’s “Big Electric Band” – an ALL ORIGINAL power trio evoking the textures of the Jimi Hendrix Experience, ZZ Top, Mountain, Cream, and Thin Lizzy. Hopefully, we will be seeing a lot more solo material from Ron in the coming years.

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