DAV!D&CLARA: “Repair” – pushing him forward into new and exciting territories

The man and machine duo of DAV!D (David Castillo) and his computer CLARA, better known as DAV!D&CLARA, are back with a new single in 2019, called “Repair”. The track is taken from the upcoming album, “CONFESSIONS OF THE MACHINE” to be released early 2020. Much of this latest single displays a minimalist, almost survivalist element, as if every movement, gesture, and note is conserved and used for maximum effect. DAV!D’s songwriting principle seems to be “less is more”, a sentiment CLARA seems to adhere to perfectly. Together they have an artistic sensibility that’s far from common. The song is based on an echoey and robotic groove, as well as ascending chord progressions, which naturally has a tendency to grow powerful. Unlike the bulk of his previous tracks, DAV!D narrates his story using the spoken word, instead of his usual singing voice. This adds an extra sense of haunting mystery to a track that already has a twisting and darkwave intent.

At times haunting and sinister, at others beautiful and lush, and embellished with ethereal harmonies, DAV!D narrates the reprogramming of what appears to be a human mind that has been repressed, manipulated and devastated by the norms of society. The narrator wants to repair, restore, rehabilitate and revitalize the core human sentiments which afford us crucial anti-alienation elements such as empathy, tolerance, respect and love.

In its own way, “Repair” sounds almost like a lesson in existentialism, if we take into account T.Z. Lavine’s explanation: “Man is a conscious subject, rather than a thing to be predicted or manipulated; he exists as a conscious being, and not in accordance with any definition, essence, generalization, or system. Existentialism says I am nothing else but my own conscious existence.” It is that exact ‘conscious existence’ which DAV!D&CLARA wants to ‘repair’ and ‘restore’ to its original state of pureness.

As fans would expect the atmosphere is rugged and intense with pulsing synths dragging themselves across the track backed by controlled drums and flashes of quieter sounds and deep emotions. This is one of DAV!D&CLARA most complete visions and proves that DAV!D’s talent and drive are still pushing him forward into new and exciting territories.

When you are as free a musical spirit as DAV!D, allowing yourself to go places the music and feeling take you, then there are no boundaries and nothing is off limits.  DAV!D’s humanistic and existentialistic visions seem to be intensifying as he continues his relentless musical journey.

On “Repair”, DAV!D&CLARA have achieved an incredible vibe that combines the energy of modern industrial rock with the passion and cinematic texture that makes their works both enduring and interesting. Each of their songs is a vignette into some piece of what’s going on in the human mind and heart.

Sometimes the query will be exclusively personal, other times it will be of a more general nature, affecting us all. “Repair”, I feel, falls squarely into both. A simple look into our own homes and hearts, will immediately reveal just how many of us need ‘repairing’ before we will be able to create a fair-minded and loving world.

 “Repair” is staggeringly awesome in its intent. The question is, will we, as humans, be as impressive in our response? Anyone who wants to see DAV!D&CLARA in action, can do so via the live shows viewable on Instagram. DAV!D&CLARA can be found on social media @davidandclara.


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