Kindle Flame – “Get In My Bag” – showcasing the utmost confidence and swagger

Kevon McCready, known to his friends and family as Killa, goes by the moniker of Kindle Flame. “The Church Has knowledge but No flame, I feel like God sent me to kindle the flame,” the artist is quoted as saying. Emerging from his hometown of Crisfield, MD, Flame has been in the game for over 2o years with more than a decade of engineering experience under his belt. Now Chief Executive Operator at Flame Studio, Kindle Flame represents the new generation of Christian rappers. He is a minister, counselor, father, husband, and business owner, whose environment cultivated his interest in music – and in it, what he discovered empowered him.

Kindle Flame music has always in some way or other been about life. His songs are usually very personal, with a specific theme which is easy to catch. His songs are very atmospheric and groove-filled, whether they are hard-hitting or slow burning.

This was evident on “I’m Gone”, “You Don’t Wanna”, and “Souls=Money”. Those facts remain true on his latest single, “Get In My Bag”, where he raps about various occurrences in his life, with great atmosphere. His flow and lyricism have improved even more since his previous single, and the messages are as clear as ever.

There is a lot of debate on how the music has changed in the last decade or so. On one hand, the artist has gained more control and can freely release music at a faster rate with less regulation from major labels. Of course one major drawback to that lack of label involvement has been a question of quality control. Front-to-back, quality-filled underground tracks or albums are a rarity. That’s where Kindle Flame comes in.

His new single, “Get In My Bag” sets a new bar for underground rappers in terms of quality and content. His previous releases showed us he had exceptional flow and a gift for conveying emotion through personal experience. “Get In My Bag” takes that a bit further by upping the intensity even more.

This sounds feels like the same artist, but shows growth in almost every sense of the word. The song itself is more memorable, the production quality is top notch, and there isn’t a weak bar to be found here. You can tell that every moment on the new single was thought about carefully and every decision was made intentionally.

If you liked the way Kindle Flame sounded before, well, then you’re in luck, because he sounds pretty much the same. He just does what he does with a more precision and intricacy on “Get In My Bag”. The 808’s boom, the hi-hats skitter, as the beat bounces building momentum.

All the while, Kindle Flame shows us that he can rap vehemently and skillfully, and write at a top level.  He flexes, exhibiting his excellent flow, and showcasing the utmost confidence and swagger, over a beat that bangs. Beyond the agility of his flow and sound, the rhymes themselves are biting.

Stylistically Kindle Flame is not your typical Christian rapper, rather, he is a rapper who is wholly Christian: “I am human with flaws and mistakes,” says Kindle Flame. “I just don’t allow my flaws to hold me back. I keep going in faith, knowing God is my help.” He finds a way to be raw, real and up front, by always putting his heart and soul into the music.


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