T.Rose – “Never Stop My Shine” captures your attention from the get go

From Miami, FL, T.Rose has worked jobs from concrete finisher to chef, but music is what drives his spirit. His rapid-fire flows and enticing wordplay are ready to garner plenty of fans. With this being my introduction to the artist, I can say I’m really surprised. His single, “Never Stop My Shine” is straight to the point. It’s fully developed, and displays his versatility and potential throughout the runtime. The song is a perfect example of where he can excel, and really finds his strong suit, as he presents veteran quality lyricism and production, so smoothly. In-between the bars there are also moments flourishes of musical eclecticism.

The production is simply great on “Never Stop My Shine”. Low-end basses, guitar melodies and overdriven shreds blend with industrial synths to create a sinister backdrop — stripped back just enough to make room for the rapper’s eviscerating vocals. Unique, stop-and-go percussion and clever use of effects only add to the peculiar, dark atmosphere present throughout the project. The instrumental perfectly complements T.Rose’s striking performance.


T.Rose’s vocals easily rise above the mix; he uses his resonant voice and commanding verses to assail the listener with impactful flows. At times, his aggressive inflection is evocative, raiding the senses, in other moments, his nuances sound like he’s channeling his emotions. T.Rose’s passion for the art form shines through his delivery. Lyrically, he paints vivid depictions of the drama that unfolds from his deep-thinking mindset.

“They don’t want me in the zone, because once I be in the zone I connect with the rest, go deep in the dome, and radiate hope,” raps T.Rose, unpacking an abundance of thought provoking ideas. All while playing with clever bars and meaningful sentiments, and maintaining his truthfulness and willingness to address the prospects of his grind in respect to the industry, the competition and the naysayers.

“They’ll never stop my shine. They’ll never stop my grind. My spirit’s been pressed like wine. It’s only a matter of time,” exclaims T.Rose, as he finds the right balance between his lofty conceptual ambitions and his knack for an infectious banger.

I think we are at the point where it is almost impossible for T.Rose to make a mediocre project. Across his platform playlist he has shown himself to be extremely consistent quality-wise, even though he changes styles from one track to another.

That T.Rose has so much control over his voice and cadence, is evident on “Never Stop My Shine”. It captures your attention from the get go. So it isn’t just the bars here that are incredible, it is also the delivery. Overall, the production is effectively flawless, and T.Rose rapping matches that quality. This is a great representation of contemporary Hip Hop, maintaining the core elements of a classic era.

On this recording, T.Rose has demonstrated that it’s his animated approach to his music that renders his skillset so powerful and all-embracing. “Never Stop My Shine” is an immensely stimulating and enjoyable listen.


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