Forest Robots – “Supermoon Moonlight Part Two” builds heart-rending motifs throughout the record

After wrestling with the pandemic, Fran Dominguez aka Forest Robots, has resurfaced with a masterpiece in wistful, cathartic electro-acoustic explorations, his brand new studio album “Supermoon Moonlight [Read More…]

Teaboi – “dichotomy of emotions” – each component is intuitively blended!

Filipino-Canadian indie artist Teaboi, recently released his 3-track single, entitled “dichotomy of emotions”, which is described as bring about, “The relationship and juxtaposition of clashing [Read More…]

Franco Esteve – “Apocalypse: The Doll Chronicles (Original Soundtrack)” grip your attention in a universe swirling with darker forces

When considering a multi-disciplinary artist like Franco Esteve, the force of his influences can often escape newer listeners. On each release he digs into his musical [Read More…]

Amarrah – “Trust” – shines as another example of her preternatural talent and style

“Trust” is the latest single from singer-songwriter Amarrah. It is the follow-up to her excellent release “No Surrender”, which received critical acclaim from both critics [Read More…]

Fiveighthirteen – “history doesn’t repeat, but it does rhyme” radiates warmth

The psychedelic post-rock band Fiveighthirteen is made up of Mike Effenberger (keyboards, synthesizer, and piano), Nick Phaneuf (electric guitar, bass, and samples) and Mike Walsh [Read More…]