Embodying a genre-inclusive approach, Elephant Heart emits an inimitable and irresistible frequency tuned in to electro, world music, and pop, creating music that delivers a [Read More…]

Butta B-Rocka Releases Uplifting & Emotional Single ‘Promise Land’

On Tuesday November, 26th– Butta B-Rocka returns with an uplifting, groovy, and powerful folk/world music single ‘Promise Land’. The melancholic single features a modern, melodic [Read More…]

Art Tawanghar: “Buddha Lounge 3 Chill – New Age California” – Everything within its leaps and bounds is quite remarkable!

Art Tawanghar is a genius when it comes to chill, ambient and New Age influenced music. I have been listening to him for a while, [Read More…]

Maki: ‘Atlas Hacked EPreview’ – carefully pushing his own boundaries

The bottom line with Maki’s music is that it doesn’t hit you from the outside, to make you realize it’s good. His music pulls something [Read More…]

Sevy Campos: “Thirsty” ft. Samuel Wallace – Rich, vibrant, emotional, rhythmic, and beautiful

Born in Arles, Southern France, Sevy Campos began to sing and play guitar at a very early age with the desire to follow in the [Read More…]

ImprovFusic: “The TaleTeller” – an underlying beauty that is undeniable

Esther Y.W.Wong, a registered music therapist, a multi-instrumentalist and a composer based in Hong Kong. Inspired by music around the world and all her travelling [Read More…]

Kimia Penton: “Where the rain falls” – a beautiful balance of organic instruments

Kimia Penton was born in the Middle East, raised in London and now calls Dallas, Texas her home. The singer, songwriter, violinist and psychologist who started [Read More…]