Francesco Mariano transits from meditative ambient to high energy electronica in flawless, graceful and majestic ways

A Conservatory graduated musician and composer, Francesco Mariano plays double bass, flute, guitar and synths in his own compositions which blend various styles, including ambient, [Read More…]

Art Tawanghar: “Buddha Lounge 3 Chill – New Age California” – Everything within its leaps and bounds is quite remarkable!

Art Tawanghar is a genius when it comes to chill, ambient and New Age influenced music. I have been listening to him for a while, [Read More…]

Nishit Gajjar’s EP Album ‘Oblivion Messages’ is an interesting journey which will keep the listener attentive and engrossed

Creative Producer and Electronic Music Composer Nishit Gajjar’s new EP Album ‘Oblivion Messages’ is rather a unique blend of Ambient, Post Rock and the New [Read More…]

Arash Behzadi: “The Last Sigh” – a supremely gifted pianist and composer

As a Canadian Iranian whose musical evolution has its beginnings in traditional Persian folk music, Arash Behzadi’s vibrant piano compositions explore the gamut of human [Read More…]

Tisabel: “GENRE HOPPING” stands as a singular creative statement

Longtime Musical director and vocalist Tony Isabel aka Tisabel boasts an unprecedented skill set. He writes, arranges, sings, plays, and performs. He busts taboos, flashes [Read More…]