Francesco Mariano transits from meditative ambient to high energy electronica in flawless, graceful and majestic ways

A Conservatory graduated musician and composer, Francesco Mariano plays double bass, flute, guitar and synths in his own compositions which blend various styles, including ambient, [Read More…]

The new record label Sounds Fragil presents their first release, “Music For Sketches” by Tobias Svensson

“Music For Sketches” is the result of a decade of musical exploration and experimenting by the Swedish composer Tobias Svensson. It features four tracks, all [Read More…]

G.H. Hat: “Sukiyaki (feat. Alina Renae)” – the caliber of music that serves to define a generation

Seldom does chance have it that an electronic music producer is as simultaneously celebrated by both seasoned and novice fans of the genre as G.H. [Read More…]