SongCat Launches FREE Video Video Series – Trusted by Taylor Swift’s Musical Director

February’s set to get a big surprise. So, what surprise should people expect out of the rest of the month? A surprise for the music [Read More…]

Sondado: “Your place has been determined” – From its raging highs to melancholic lows!

What does an orchestral musician, an accountant, a software developer, and freelancers, have in common with session singers, a guitarist and a clarinet player? Well [Read More…]

Casting for High Energy Cartoon Video “Magic Pills” Still Open!

Music producer from the NY area Alex Moss is creating an unordinary music video. This is an animated comic strip with an exciting story about [Read More…]

The C.R. Ecker Band: “A Bright Tomorrow” – the authentic legacy of true Country

The award-winning song, “A Bright Tomorrow” by The C.R. Ecker Band is all about extending goodness to those in need and believing that you can [Read More…]

N.E.S. Never Ending Struggle: “FFT:2 Feast Or Famine” – their charisma is undeniable!

N.E.S. Never Ending Struggle is a hip-hop duo based out of Jacksonville, Florida. The group members are JSmoove & Jae Mottie who have just dropped [Read More…]

Tarmo & Alba: “One and Wild” Remixed – another piece of magic from an innovative and original artist

Tarmo & Alba presents the new music video for their “One and Wild” track. One and Wild was radio premiered by the famous Swanky Tunes [Read More…]

Konstantinos Dilzas: “PETRA KI EFHI” takes you back to times when music was truly music

Konstantinos Dilzas is a Naval Architect and Marine Engineer who has a passion for music and a deep knowledge of Greek discography from the 70s [Read More…]