Travis Bickle – “The Future of Rock As We Know It” – a unique identity, with shades of some of the past rock greats

Ian Ratliff, an independent musician and producer based out of Scottsdale, Arizona, started out with an old mixing board he found in his family’s garage [Read More…]

Harkness – “Defibrillator” – a spark of originality and enthusiasm runs through every note

A two-minute and twelve second fireworks display of songwriting, arranging, performance and production brilliance. That’s really all we need to say about “Defibrillator”, the second [Read More…]

Jupiter In Velvet to release the ground-breaking album ‘The ONE In The Many’

On September 9th the prolific musician and songwriter Jupiter In Velvet will release a ground-breaking new album entitled ‘The ONE In The Many’ on the [Read More…]

Timeless Void: “Voidland 2 (Life and Death in America)” – will blow your mind if listened to properly

One thing you cannot say about Ontario’s alternative rock band, Timeless Void, is that they are not generous. On their previously critically acclaimed album, entitled [Read More…]

Timeless Void: “Voidland”- pays homage to the 60s and 70s

Hailing from Ontario, Timeless Void – Alex Hilson (Flute, Guitar, Bass & Vocals) and Eric St-Pierre (Production, Guitar, Vocals, Bass) – set out to weave a dense [Read More…]