Jackslacks set to drop 11th Release “Inside Out”

San Diego rockabilly mainstay Jackslacks (a.k.a. Chris Giorgio) follows up last fall’s tribute EP, When Pigs Fly with a full-length album due to drop on [Read More…]

Cesar Belifonte – “Krossy” shows unbounded chemistry in setting the track up for a big fan reaction

Unlike so many modern hip-hop releases, the single “Krossy”, by born-in-San-Francisco, raised-in-San-Diego artist, Cesar Belifonte, is a concise and straight-to-the-point, self-empowering, skill-flexing banger, with no [Read More…]

Jackslacks – “When Pigs Fly” – Pristine performances, production and arrangements

How do you review a Jackslacks (a.k.a. Chris Giorgio) album? How do you review an album when you know, before you even listen, that you [Read More…]

Pop Artist DAYVID Releases First Music Video from Debut EP “Dayvid”

21-year-old singer and songwriter DAYVID, released the music video for “Wasted Luv,” the first offering from his just released debut EP, “Dayvid”. Since its release in late September, “Wasted Luv,” has [Read More…]

Dare To Be Dreamers: “Making Believe” – committed to making dreams come true

Dare To Be Dreamers is a San Diego band using their music & films to inspire hope and make dreams come true. Their live show is [Read More…]