The Low Highs – “Shoreline” & “Don’t You Ever” – structured around excellent chord progressions

Justin Osburn & Bobby Nil, were born and raised in Memphis, TN, and currently reside in south Florida. Both long time musicians, metaphysicians, philanthropists and [Read More…]

Fiveighthirteen – “history doesn’t repeat, but it does rhyme” radiates warmth

The psychedelic post-rock band Fiveighthirteen is made up of Mike Effenberger (keyboards, synthesizer, and piano), Nick Phaneuf (electric guitar, bass, and samples) and Mike Walsh [Read More…]

Dannii Scott – “Saudade” recraftd traditional genres, enhancing soundscapes and sensory experiences

The EP “Saudade” is a remarkably confident release from an artist who is carving out his own sound and bringing people along for the ride. [Read More…]

Sonosphere – ‘Spheres of Light’ captures a mystical dance floor of progressive moods

The bittersweet musical pilgrimage of electronic composer and producer Eray Cansev aka Sonosphere, has given birth to a glorious debut EP titled ‘Spheres of Light’. [Read More…]

Bride Of Chaotica – “Ghosts on Television” – honest artisans of their craft

Classic, Acid, Psychedelic, Fusion and Progressive rock sophistication with none of the pretentiousness that often steals the souls of these genres. “Ghosts on Television”, the [Read More…]