LUNA13 to release their next studio album ‘Wicked Gods’ on 9/9/19 via Cleopatra Records

[quote color=”#dd0404″ bgcolor=”#000000″]Wicked Gods is the next studio album by the highly original Black/Bass/Metal project LUNA13. It is currently set for release on 9/9/19 via [Read More…]

Relinquished: “Addictivities (Part I)” – consistent with a gritty brutality (FREE Album Stream Link Included)

The Tyrolean extreme metal group Relinquished, have been performing on stage for 15 years, and in March this year, they returned to the studio to [Read More…]

Bitter Lake: “Frozen Landscapes” – the line between aggression and artistry becomes blurred

Ambient and Symphonic metal often run into walls of mundane sameness that conflict with intended results. No matter what could go wrong with these types [Read More…]