MAKI scores ‘FORECLOSURE’, a science fiction drama re-imagined

The art-house film FORECLOSURE produced by Natalis Group is now available for streaming and film festivals.  A science fiction drama re-imagined within the classic footage [Read More…]

Maki & Billy Shears – “DEMORATION EP45 #1” – a weird and often wonderful collaboration!

The masterminds behind the alternative project “DEMORATION EP45 #1” is Maki, an accomplished music producer and film maker living on an island next to Seattle, whose [Read More…]

Maki: ‘Atlas Hacked EPreview’ – carefully pushing his own boundaries

The bottom line with Maki’s music is that it doesn’t hit you from the outside, to make you realize it’s good. His music pulls something [Read More…]

MAKI: ‘Waking Up With The World On Fire’ – decidedly textural, atmospheric and cerebral

The world is a fragmented place, with fear and hate giving rise to isolationist movements around the globe and huge portions of the population turning [Read More…]